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Activities and Operational Information

The Society for the Advancement of Pet Pigs, Inc (SAPPI) is an adoption and rescue organization that operates to help rescue unwanted or abandoned pet pigs (usually Vietnamese potbellied pigs or other miniature pet pigs) from their current owners, animal shelters, other rescue organizations, veterinarians, etc.

SAPPI uses the name "Pig Placement Network" for its rescue and placement activities.

SAPPI takes calls from pet pig owners, shelters, other rescues, animal control officers and veterinarians who have pet pigs in need of homes. If the pig becomes unwanted due to a behavioral or diet problem, our volunteers try to assist in correcting the problem and keeping the pig in its home. However, if the problem cannot be solved or if the pig has been abandoned or surrendered to a shelter, SAPPI takes possession of the pig and places it into foster care.

Like many animal rescue organizations, SAPPI does not have a shelter or sanctuary and must rely on a network of volunteers and foster homes to take in unwanted pigs and provide shelter and care for them until new homes can be found. SAPPI often assists foster homes through providing pet pig food to help alleviate some of the expenses.

When SAPPI takes in a pig for foster care it is always veterinarian checked to assure good health. All male pigs are neutered and all females are spayed whenever the procedure is deemed safe for the pig. SAPPI pays the expenses of all veterinary care in order to help assure all adoptive pigs are healthy prior to going to new homes. Additionally, by neutering all males and spaying most females SAPPI hopes to diminish the population of unwanted pigs by hindering breeding abilities.

SAPPI operates solely through volunteers; there are no paid directors, officers or other employees. Our volunteers locate new homes for the pet pigs through word of mouth, passing out flyers, networking with shelters and veterinarians, participating in adoptathons and advertising in newspapers.

Activities and Operational Information (con't)

Part of SAPPI's mission is also educational. We work to educate current pet pig owners who are new to owning a pig, or those who may be having problem with their

pig. We also provide education to shelters, veterinarians and any other members of the general public who are interested in possibly owning a pet pig. We work hard to assure someone wanting to adopt a pet pig is knowledgeable about their care prior to obtaining the pig. Once a pig is adopted, our volunteers follow the pig throughout its life and remain available to provide education and assistance to the adoptive parents.

SAPPI intends to continue its Mission and expand its network of volunteers through our continued education and community outreach efforts.

Due to the ever-expanding problem of unwanted pet pigs, SAPPI devotes a majority of its time to rescue and adoption activities.

Since 1998 SAPPI has rescued and placed over 300 pet pigs into new homes through out the United States. Our primary sites for adoptions have been located in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York, but through networking we have been able to place pigs in California, Texas, Michigan, Virginia, Florida, etc.

SAPPI currently has over 100 pet pigs up for adoption as well. Many are being cared for in foster care or at shelters, while others are still with their owners while they await new homes.

This activity furthers SAPPI's mission by helping to assure there are less unwanted and abandoned pet pigs being turned over to shelters, veterinarians for euthanasia or being left at slaughterhouses. Our goal is to place these pets into new, loving homes and assure they have quality of life like other pets.

SAPPI has done this since it's inception in May 1998 and we continue to focus on this as our primary activity today.

The primary people engaging in these activities are a few volunteers and our Board Members.

Education. Percentage of time: 10%

In an effort to assure that pet pig owners, veterinarians, shelters and other people who are caring for pet pigs are educated, SAPPI volunteers are always available to educate people about the proper care of pet pigs.

We also assist pet pig owners in locating resources for their pet pig, such as a source for the proper food, educational books and veterinarians for healthcare. Often SAPPI will donate books to pig owners to help assure the pig is properly cared for. Additionally, each adoptive pig owner received 2 books from SAPPI as a part of the adoption information package.

Following any adoptions, SAPPI volunteers remain available to answer questions or help with any problems the new owner may experience with the pig.

This furthers our Mission by helping to assure pet pig owners are properly educated on good care and behavior for their pet pigs. This should help to keep pigs in their homes as pets through their lives and hopefully reduce the unwanted population. It should also help to alleviate the burden on animal shelters, humane societies and animal control officers by being available as a resource to take in unwanted pet pigs when they are surrendered or help to solve problems of pet owners seeking to surrender pet pigs.

This activity has been occurring since SAPPI's inception in May, 1998 and will continue though the work of the Board and volunteers.

Research Projects. Percentage of time: 5 %

Due to the large numbers of pet pigs that SAPPI comes into contact with, SAPPI also intends to participate in research projects related to pet pig behavior and health considerations. For example, some groups such as the Duchess Fund, Inc., request pet pig medical records for database collection. The hope is these records will assist veterinarians and other pet pig owners in diagnosing and treating many of the health related ailments that pet pig's face.

These types of projects may include taking the temperature of pet pigs on a daily basis and recording the results. Or, collecting blood samples or urinalysis on groups of pet pigs for study.

SAPPI will participate in these types of projects by donating medical records and other information these types of groups may request.

Since pet pigs are not as popular as other pets like cats or dogs, there are not many veterinarians who are trained in proper care of pet pigs and there are not many good resources of information regarding their care and their health related problems. SAPPI's participation in these activities will help to further our Mission by giving veterinarians and other researchers access to medical data on pet pigs to help promote good health.

SAPPI has not yet participated in any of these activities, but it is a goal for the future as information is needed or requested by other non-profit groups.

Fund Raising Activities. Percentage of time: 5%

In order to fund it's activities, SAPPI has engaged in fund raising through word or mouth and general public donations as well as donations accepted at the time a pet pig is adopted to a new owner. To date a small amount of fund raised have come from the sale of tote bags and tee shirts.

In the future, SAPPI hopes to solicit donating though mailings, a greater offering of small items like tee shirts, tote bags and other similar items for sale, promoting our group through potbellied pig newsletters, rescue groups, etc.

This activity was started by SAPPI at its inception in May 1998 and continues today. The primary expense associated with fund raising is postage and printing or screening costs for the items.

All fund raising is done by SAPPI volunteers and Board Members; there are no paid solicitations or other paid forms of fund raising.

Board of Directors:

Susan Magidson, President
Nori Rambo, Vice President
Jeannie Watson, Secretary
Cheryl Cress, Board Member
Nancy Slocumb, Board Member
John Frazer, Board Member
Eileen Wanamaker, Board Member

Susanne Dennis, Web Master


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